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About Us

Hicks Health & Safety has a unique blend of science and engineering combined in the interest of occupational safety and health. Business direction regarding safety comes from Board Certified Safety Professionals (CSP). Direction regarding health and chemical exposure comes from Board Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH). People who hold these designations are recognized across the U.S. as experts in their respective fields.

Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks is the President and Managing Director of Hicks Health & Safety. He has over 20 years of experience applying occupational health and safety in industrial environments, with 15 of those in the upstream and midstream natural gas industry. He has been influential in the National STEPS Silica Focus Group, is an officer of the Oil & Gas Working Group of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and is professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). Mr. Hicks is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, a Certified Safety Professional and holds MS in Public Health from Tulane University.

Notable projects and achievements through his career thus far include having scoped, developed and implemented a full spectrum occupational health and industrial hygiene program for a major North American natural gas producer – including exposure identification, assessment, quantification, control, surveillance, and data management. The program has identified and assisted in control of significant benzene and silica exposures at 1-3 orders of magnitude above the ACGIH TLV. He also developed criteria for analysis and assessment of human health and environmental impacts associated with chemical products used for hydraulic fracturing by well completion companies (adopted for use by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers). Other projects have included establishing process safety management systems for several newly acquired natural gas processing facilities ranging in throughput from 100-500 mmscfd as well as drafting and enabling implementation of various health and safety policies and programs for employers and clients ranging from Lockout & Tagout to Hearing Conservation to employee Fatigue Management.

Professional studies of note include evaluating year-to-year variability of individual audiometric test results for 1,300 employees according to ANSI S12.13 TR. Mr. Hicks also studied acquired hypersensitivity to animal dander in confined animal feeding operations.  Speaking engagements have included the American Industrial Hygiene Continuing Education (AIHCe) conference and the OSHA Oil & Gas Safety & Health Conference.

Brian Carnduff

Brian has over ten years experience in industrial hygiene and safety with a majority of that time spent supporting companies in the upstream and midstream Oil and Gas industry. He is certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) in Comprehensive Practice and a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Rocky Mountain section.

Brian has provided field safety support for various midstream natural gas companies which included inspection of worksites and facilities, incident investigations and the implementation of health and safety policies and programs which included training of new and current employees. He has supported a major natural gas producer’s industrial hygiene and occupational health program to identify and control exposures to benzene, silica and noise. He has also provided Process Safety Management (PSM) development and oversight for several natural gas facilities including facilitating and participating in Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs). Mr. Carnduff has developed and implemented health, safety and industrial hygiene programs supporting the decommissioning of facilities for the federal government and various companies in the semiconductor industry. Other projects include conducting mold, moisture and indoor air quality evaluations, and asbestos surveys in schools, hospitals, commercial properties and private residences.


Chris Martin

Chris is a risk management professional with 20 years of experience in oil & gas, construction, fleet/transportation and general industry.  He completed a Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene and a Bachelor of Arts in Occupational Safety and Health, both from Murray State University, and became a Certified Safety Professional in 2001.

Chris’s experience includes successful demolition of the Building 771/774 Complex at Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site where the project received the Perfect Record Award from the National Safety Council.  He’s helped other companies improve their Experience Modification Rates and TRIRs.

Chris has excellent people skills, client sales/service skills and knowledge/background in the EH&S field. Chris enjoys fly fishing, roasting his own coffee, and spending time with his wife and family in the outdoors.

Michelle Frank

Michelle is an up-and-coming safety professional within the field of industrial hygiene, health and safety. She has an undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University in Industrial Engineering Management and Mathematics. She also has a Master’s of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Michelle’s has multiple years of experience as a health and safety consultant performing tasks to include indoor air quality, noise dosimetry, isocyanate sampling, hydrocarbon sampling, various metal sampling, heat stress monitoring, asbestos sampling, chemical exposure assessments, engineered nano-material, flight test extreme noise monitoring, and many other industrial hygiene specialist tasks.

As an HSE Advisor for Hicks Health & Safety, Michelle’s ongoing involvement include; facilitating and participating in Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs), health and safety training, industrial hygiene sampling, and multiple industrial hygiene & safety roles. Additional duties entail the operations of field safety support, health and safety program development, and contributing to the implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM) for midstream natural gas companies.

Significant Offerings


Significant projects conducted by the firm within the last two years include:


  • Construction safety inspection services for various client green & brown field natural gas gathering / processing projects in ND, WY, OH, CO, OK, & TX;
  • Process hazards analysis (PHA) and overall support for compliance with process safety management (PSM) and risk management plans (RMP) at various domestic client natural gas processing facilities;
  • Investigation of process upsets leading to fire and/or worker fatalities at gas processing and oil production facilities;
  • Confined space supervision and rescue support for various pressure vessel and tank entries at gas processing plants in “turn around”;
  • Hydrogen sulfide measurement and contingency plans for sour gas production facilities in ND and UT;
  • Pipeline emergency pre-incident plans that include radii of exposure to hydrocarbon releases and affected public receptors in heavily populated areas of the Denver metro;
  • Worker noise exposure characterization at gas processing facilities, and implementation of various hearing conservation programs;
  • Chemical inventory and basic exposure assessments at electric co-generation facilities.

What Our Clients Are Saying

On behalf of WCH we greatly appreciate the class this week. Everyone across the board has had great things to say on the value this brought to our organization. Not only did we learn much about our own project but we also learned more about how our team will work together to solve our challenges. This was time and energy well spent. In addition to this, I can also see now that it would be to our benefit to have you come back in a year for a “lessons learned” class. This too would be of tremendous value and would further build upon your initial seminar.

Bill Metzler

Fredonia Area Manager, Wilson County Holdings, LLC

Hicks Health & Safety investigated a significant fire that occured at one of our gas processing facilities. They conducted a thorough root cause analysis and were able to ascertain the equipment and human factors that contributed to the incident. Mr. Hicks demonstrated a welcome depth of knowledge in the operation and safeguards associated with gas processing plant while effectively interacting with represented and non-representated personnel. I’d recommend Hicks Health & Safety for the process safety (PSM) needs of any gas processor.

Larry Palmer

Director of Operations, Blue Racer Midstream, LLC

Your presentation technique was relaxed and confident.  Your desire to deepen our understanding of the various topics, opportunities, problems, solutions, situations and events was simplistically presented with excellent anchors that made the connections between the typed question needs and it relationship to our actual work environment easy and logical to follow. It provided clarity to the purpose and needs of MOC’s. Your ability to relate topics to our environment was keenly done and captured my attention. The best presentation I have attended to date. Nicely done!

Richard Ruffu

Plant Operator, Little Missouri Plant, Targa Resources