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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your business need HHS?

Successful businesses like yours function to make a profit. Anything that interferes with productivity can impede cash flow and affect your bottom line. Obviously, direct and indirect (downtime) costs due to employee injury can do just that. Direct costs of some injuries can be increased exponentially by any legal or OSHA regulatory enforcement actions. Depending on the business climate, insurance premiums may increase as well. We can help you avoid these additional, unplanned costs and do that “right” thing for your employees at the same time.  A win-win!

Can HHA save my business money?
You bet! We may even be able to help you get more. First, employee injuries cost money – we can help you reduce them. Let us show you how this translates into workers compensation insurance premium savings.

In addition, having an active, viable Health and Safety Program for your business can also help you land “big fish” customers. Many larger companies WILL NOT conduct burins with contractors who do not have OSHA required programs or offer the required safety training to their employees.

At HHS, we can put these programs in place, help you maintain them, train your employees as needed, and help you respond to customer health and safety concerns as if you had an in-house safety professional on staff, only at a fraction of the cost. Let us be your outsourced safety pros!

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