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Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a combustion product of hydrocarbon fuels such as natural gas.  Appliances fueled by natural gas or fuel oil generate this gas when operating.  In homes, CO is vented to a safe location outdoors away from occupants.  Malfunctions with the venting system or the appliance burner may lead to elevated levels of CO in a home.  At HHS, we have carbon monoxide detection equipment that will let us know immediately if you or your family are in danger.  

Click Here for an OSHA fact sheet on carbon monoxide,

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Note:  If you suspect carbon monoxide in your home, open windows to ventilate the gas outdoors, and exit the structure.  Do not remain in a home you suspect to be contaminated with CO.  Make sure you have one or more CO detectors installed in your home according to local code requirements and check batteries regularly to ensure reliable operation.

Carbon Monoxide alarm